Are you ready for a new challenge?

Due to the growing interest and demand to offer Fitwalk sessions at other locations, we now are looking for independent and enthusiastic employees, who are keen in becoming a Fitwalk instructor.

What are you going to do? Put people in motion! 

You will work in your region as an independent Fitwalk instructor moving people, becoming fitter, helping them becoming healthier and improving their quality of life.

Fitwalk instructors are nowadays needed more than ever because of the actual serious health problems.

Become a certified Fitwalk instructor. 

You will learn how the Fitwalk program works during one of our sessions. 

Ones the training is completed you are ready to earn an income as an approved Fitwalk instructor by offering Fitwalk sessions to people in your neighborhood. 

Of course you can also help yourself to improve your health by applying the lessons of a Fitwalk instructor. 

As a certified Fitwalk instructor, we offer you new and exciting extras during the permanent education program of the FIC membership.

As a result, the FIC membership offers all necessary information and materials to keep the lessons fresh and lively, increasing the number of participants in the Fitwalk sessions.

 For things to change, you will have to change.  (Jim Rohn)

Fitwalk®Basic Movement 

Fitwalk Basic-Movement Instructors guide their students to the "rhythm" of the music. Call it the beat, the pace or the speed ... it is our secret to get the desired fitness results during our "Fit-step" training. 

With Fitwalk we get together to make the world healthier and happier, step-by-step ... 

Join the MOVE! 

By following this course, you will learn more about the FitWalk program and how a session is put together.

Fitwalk®Master Movement

Fitwalk Movement-Master Instructors also guide their students to the "rhythm" of the music. 

This course takes you a step further. You will learn more about the muscles and aerobic exercises, which can be done during the sessions. 

You learn about the music and the heart rhythms, which are age-related. 

A Fitwalk Movement-Master Instructor learns to adapt his sessions to all ages and all levels.

 STEP yourself FIT


The next step up is this prestigious level. 

You will learn about how you can start as a Fitwalk Instructor and provide more visibility. 

You learn how to set up your own concept. 

You are offered how you can increase your income, multiply and provide yourself a bright future. 

This course is aimed at learning to do business in the Fitwalk world.

If you are interested and want more information, please, fill in below.

Business Booster 

Are you ambitious and enterprising? 

Do you meet our standards? 

We will choose our members for the next step. 

Did you noticed that entrepreneurship in your blood, then this Business Booster can be applied to you.


Here, options are offered to generate additional incomes in which you will be coached. 

"Icing on the cake"


We are NEW in Europe. 

We are also proud of it that we  can train people to FITWALK Instructors. 

An extra possibility to expand your (new) business.

Our website is recently online, so you may experience some adjustments. Hopefully we can appeal on your understanding.