"Fitwalk®": voor IEDEREEN én voor ALLE leeftijden!


Fitwalk is based on the simplest and most natural form of physical exercise: "steps". 

We move to music, make fun, build our fitness and burn mass calories. 

During the sessions the tempo of the music constantly changes, with the simple exercises being performed. 

Everyone gets the chance to participate at their own pace. Each lesson is a muscle-activating, calorie-burning, posture-perfecting, health-promoting workout.

Fitwalk is a group exercise, with the best characteristics of "low impact" and aerobic style, combined with an easy to follow choreography, but very effective in results. 

The movements are based on "steps" so that ALL fitness levels and ALL ages can do this.

Fitwalk is a total body workout that affects all muscle groups and strengthens the bones. The beat, tempo or speed of the music provides pleasure, fun and "secret" of this success formula. This super-simple fun and especially healthy choice brings spectacular changes to body and soul.

Why FitWalk? 

Long sitting still is not so healthy ... 

Exercising is conducive to both our body and our mind. Good for 

  • our blood pressure, our cholesterol, 
  • our muscles, 
  • our bones & our sugar level. 
  • Provides less (back) pain, 
  • less tired eyes, 
  • fewer joint complaints. 
  • Gives less chance of colon cancer, 
  • breast cancer, 
  • osteoporosis, 
  • type 2 diabetes, 
  • cardiovascular disease 
  • & fall incidents. 
  • And keeps our weight more stable and our internal, hidden fats better under control.

With FIT-WALK you can even lose up to 6 kg of weight per year, only because of the fat percentage that is burned. 

If we move sufficiently, we feel better in our own skin.

Some benefits at a glance.


  • makes us feel happier 
  • more fun 
  • more energy 
  • more time for yourself 
  • better sleep
  • easier out of bed 
  • be more positive 
  • be more stress resistant 
  • live longer independently 
  • perform better at work 
  • get more self-confidence  
  • feel fitter make us feel younger 
  • be able to concentrate better 

In addition, we do not have to move alone: ​​together is more fun! This way we also give our social contacts a boost. 

Spend more time with friends, acquaintances, neighbours, family, ... 

Get to know new people, FITWALK is ideal for people who love music, who want to move at a suitable pace, who want to make FUN, who, together with others who have the same goal, are FIT.

"Fitwalk®" is veel meer dan "wandelen & stappen" alleen.