"Fitwalk®": voor IEDEREEN én voor ALLE leeftijden!


Are you ready for a new challenge?

Are you ready for this new challenge?


Do not train too tiringly and still improve your condition and figure? Then join our Fitwalk®. 

Don't be misled by the term "Fitwalk®", because it is much more than just "walking & walking". 

This effective and pleasant method, set to music, originated from active walking and walking: perhaps the best ways of moving.

You burn more calories than when jogging or running. All muscle groups are treated in a safe and calm way. The instructor ensures that you use the correct technique, so that in particular the core muscles (back, abdominal, pelvic and oblique abdominal muscles) are continuously addressed.

While you enjoy the fresh air, the firmness of your body and your condition will improve by leaps and bounds, almost unnoticed.

Fitwalk, in nice weather
Fitwalk, in nice weather

All fitness levels of this easy-to-follow program can enjoy the healthy benefits that our sessions offer: 

  • becoming fitter, 
  • becoming more vital 
  • burning (more) calories  
  • improving slimmer posture 
  • restoring muscles 
  • reinforcing bones 
  • and so much more ...

In short terms, it's an ultimate health boost! 

Fitwalk®, in wintertime
Fitwalk®, in wintertime
"Fitwalk®" is veel meer dan "wandelen & stappen" alleen.